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In trout projects, ‘restoration’ and ‘natural’ may not mean what many think

November 15, 2017

When asked how restoration efforts along the Kinnickinnic River should be handled, students and residents in River Falls answered with roughly the same response: they want the river to be more “natural.” This response, however, leads to a different question: What do words such as “restoration” and “natural” really mean, and do definitions of the words match up with what is actually done to environments such as the Kinni?

Steps toward an inclusive campus include managing political bias

November 15, 2017

Last week, the UWRF administration released the results of the 2017 Campus Climate Survey Summary.

Three hundred seventy-eight students responded to the survey and of those, 125 said they experienced bias at UWRF.

UWRF working to recruit, reassure inner-city high schoolers of color

November 15, 2017

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Lining the school cafeteria with brochures and paraphernalia, college recruiters and representatives eagerly plied students last week with information related to their institutions at the St. Paul Central High School college fair.

Pranksters take bike parts and locks, but owners and police aren’t laughing

November 8, 2017

Upon completing a shift at her on-campus job, UW-River Falls senior Sarah Knack returned to the North Hall bike rack, where she was surprised by what she saw and even more surprised by what she did not see.

Timeless ‘Skin of Our Teeth’ play taught humanity, crises management

November 8, 2017

By day he is Nathan Brown, an elementary education major at UW-River Falls. By night he is Henry Antrobus, son of George and Maggie Antrobus who have been married only 5,000 years. His two personas could not be any more different, at least on the surface.

Campus climate is chilly for women, students of color and people disabled

November 8, 2017

Students of color are 14 times more likely to report suffering racial hostility than are white students, and female students are nearly three times more likely than men to face political bias, according to campus climate survey results released last week.

From farm fields to Florida: UWRF students’ research yields valuable trip

November 1, 2017

Stella Pey is a senior in crop and soils who will be graduating in May. She spent this past summer doing research work for Holly Dolliver, associate professor of geology and soil science at UW-River Falls.

Blue Bike Program looks to expand on first two years of success

November 1, 2017

It’s a simple concept. You take a bike, you put it back. No credit card transactions, forms or other ways to discourage letting people get out and ride.

A treat for some, a trick to others, parking regs resume Halloween night

November 1, 2017

River Falls business owner Craig Rogaczewski is enjoying the additional parking options that became available to his customers and staff back in May, after finding it necessary to relocate his company store from Walnut Street to Pine Street due to a lack of places for vehicles to park.

UW System’s freedom of expression policy, new campus organization’s activity spark controversy on campus

November 1, 2017

“I felt really nauseous.”

That’s how Ardin Fischer described their feelings when reading comments written on a large piece of paper that students had written on, an activity facilitated by the Young Americans for Liberty in the University Center.

Stopping sexual violence is ‘On Us’ in this ‘Week of Action’ at UW-River Falls

October 24, 2017

“I put my trust in the wrong guy,” said Anja Gridley, the Student Government Association’s director of marketing and outreach. “I woke up the next morning, and I just didn’t know what to do.”

WinField United to offer expanded internship opportunities for UWRF students

October 24, 2017

Cody Guenther from UW-River Falls landed a highly competitive internship this past summer with a local agricultural chemical testing company called WinField United. His job involved dressing in a protective suit, donning an unwieldy backpack sprayer and meticulously spraying test plots of crops and weeds with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides to determine whether the chemicals were effective.

DoTS recommends a learning service that takes users back to the future

October 24, 2017

Sometimes, the best way to learn a new piece of software is to revert to an older version, according to several UWRF technologists who use lynda.com for such forays.

Video: Troubled teens surface in River Falls with underwater photo exhibit

October 24, 2017

New Title IX guide raises questions over reporting sexual assaults

October 18, 2017

Safety is an essential aspect of the college experience. Many measures have been put into place in the University of Wisconsin System to ensure that students have a variety of resources at their disposal to deal with situations when they arrive.