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Astronomy professor hosts popular series of talks and viewings

November 18, 2015

Tuesday night at 8 p.m. was the sight of a public Astronomy talk in the Centennial Science Hall. Professor Eileen Korenic spoke for half an hour about the gravitational constant, in one of a series of talks that she gives throughout the semester.

Educating young people about agriculture is goal of UWRF student

November 18, 2015

During the recent 2015 National FFA Convention and Expo, four UW-River Falls students won awards for their hard work. Among them was agricultural education freshman Ashley Zimmerman, who earned the 2015 National Agricultural Proficiency Award for two programs in her hometown. The event, organized by the National FFA Organization, took place Oct. 28-31 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ending sexual assault is in everyone’s power, speaker tells UWRF audience

November 18, 2015

Everyone on a college campus has the power to fight sexual assault, an educator and scholar told an audience Nov. 11 at UW-River Falls. Keith Edwards, a Minneapolis-based speaker and educator on sexual assault prevention, spoke on the topic of “Ending Rape.” Edwards has made presentations about sexual assault at more than 90 colleges and universities during the past 15 years.

UW- River Falls researchers grow artificial tissue to study skin cancer

November 18, 2015

A UW-River Falls research laboratory has become the first to study melanoma by growing three-dimensional artificial tissue, according to the Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center (TCIC). Melanoma is a form of skin cancer.

Survey suggests UWRF students today are less likely to drink and drive

November 18, 2015

UW-River Falls students today are less likely to drink and drive than those who attended the school 15 years ago, according to alcohol and other drug use data gathered from a 2012 survey. The same survey was given to students who attended UWRF in 2000.

Planning course schedule for next semester causes stress for some UWRF students

November 18, 2015

Once the calendar turns to November, it is time for students at the UW-River Falls to start thinking about planning courses for the spring semester. Academic advising often comes up quick on students because the semester moves by at a rapid pace.

Eduroam makes accessing Wi-Fi on campuses easy, quick

November 18, 2015

UW-River Falls students who visit other universities, or students from elsewhere who visit UWRF, can easily access wireless Internet thanks to a service called Eduroam.

Yik Yak app causes controversy for college campuses

November 12, 2015

Yik Yak is one of the newest social media apps to become popular on college campuses, including UW-River Falls, but it also has been the cause of controversy.

Despite popular myth, alcohol will not stave off the cold

November 12, 2015

Fall is coming to an end and colder temperatures are starting to set in. Health officials and practitioners warn that harsher weather only further complicates staying safe while drinking.

Community Solar Program will give River Falls residents options to go green

November 12, 2015

A new community solar program is coming to River Falls in which residents and businesses, along with the University of Wisconsin, can subscribe to renewable energy.

‘Safe ride’ program stems from death last spring

November 12, 2015

The Student Senate at UW-River Falls recently approved a pilot program to provide students a free ride home anywhere in River Falls from Thursday to Saturday nights, but some opponents say the service will encourage students to drink.

The program, which will cost $5,400, would offer a free ride home to UW-River Falls students who present a valid student ID. The program would extend River Falls Taxi Service hours from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., Thursday through Saturday, starting in November and would run for 15 weeks.

Student Senate President Christopher Morgan said the program did not get started in order to promote drinking.

“It simply didn’t,” he said.

He said the need for the program was first brought about after hearing stories surrounding the death of Robert “Bobby” Sontag, a 20-year-old dairy science major who was found dead May 4 in the Kinnickinnic River. He last had been seen in downtown River Falls after a night of drinking and had become separated from a friend as he walked home.

“We used a tragedy from last year, where someone died from unsafe drinking,” Morgan said. “That’s what really fostered this program. But the larger discussion at hand was how do we use this tragedy to promote student safety as a whole.”

UWRF Police Chief Karl Fleury said this is more than just a “sober cab” for students. It gives students access to a ride when they did not have one before the program.

“Unfortunately, we get those nights that dip well below zero,” Fleury said. “They might find themselves at a friend’s house, activity, or an event off campus where they may have walked in the past. This gives them opportunity to make that phone call and have a ride back to campus.”

Morgan said students should use this program whenever they feel unsafe getting home at night, and also hopes students will use this instead of deciding to drive after they have been drinking.

“The sole purpose of the program was to get students out of unsafe situations, back into wherever they live at night,” Morgan said.

“I think it has merit to take a look at it, to go ahead and see if it’s going to work,” Fleury said. “I think with the fact that it’s a pilot program, they will be able to gather more data.”

Morgan said that during the 15 weeks that the service will run, Student Senate will extensively evaluate the effectiveness of the program looking at things like ridership, where most of the calls are coming from, and where the high traffic areas are going to be. After those 15 weeks are completed, Student Senate will re-evaluate the need for the program.

Fleury said that there are not a lot of ways in which students can get around as it is right now, citing a lack of public transportation in River Falls.

“We’re not a large city that has a bus service or multiple taxi services that are available for (students),” Fleury said. “Our services are not as extensive as that.”

The program not only would provide another method of transportation for students, but offer it at no cost to them.

Morgan said he is proud of the fact the allocation passed by a supermajority, or a two-thirds vote across the Senate.

“I know the majority of student body knows that this isn’t an enabler of drinking,” he said. “It’s simply a way to get students out of harm’s way in the middle of winter at night.”

WISC program provides students with significant discounts, receives varying levels of popularity

November 5, 2015

The Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC), offers a range of computer programs at a substantial discount, is available to all in the UW System, but its popularity ranges dramatically depending on the campus.

‘Spitfire Grill’ musical begins showing at UWRF

November 5, 2015

The musical “The Spitfire Grill,” now showing in the Blanche Davis Theatre on the UW-River Falls campus, is about a woman who is discharged from prison and comes upon a rural town in Wisconsin. There she meets new people and finds redemption.

Day of the Dead celebrated as part of UWRF’s Year of Mexico

November 5, 2015

The Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, festival held from 10 am to 7 pm in the UC on Monday was like a flashback from an 8th grade Spanish lesson–except better. For those of you who haven’t had that particular Spanish class, the scene was set with a huge colored poster reading : Remembering Our Loved Ones, The Day of the Dead, stretched across the conference room next to the cafeteria

Internships critical to students’ future success

November 5, 2015

For college juniors and seniors, having an internship in the field that they are studying can be the stepping-stone to acquiring a full-time job once they take off the cap and gown and trade it in for a suit and briefcase.