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Letter to the editor

Tax reform bill comes at the expense of most Americans

December 13, 2017

Dear Editor,

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the GOP tax “reform”
bill in its House and Senate versions is basically a massive give-away to
the richest Americans at the expense of everyone else.

Impervious to the warnings voiced by hundreds of economists, educators,
health care professionals and advocates for children and the poor, the
Republican-controlled Congress appears hell-bent on ramming through a bill
of potentially disastrous consequences that most of our representatives and
senators will not even have read.

This is bad enough in itself, but even worse is the calculating
animosity driving it.  Stephen Moore of the conservative Heritage
Foundation, President Trump’s economic advisor, has approvingly called the
tax bill “death to Democrats.”  Its provisions are intentionally designed to
hurt more liberal areas of the country.

Moore says the tax cuts “go after state and local taxes, which weakens
public employee unions.  They go after university endowments, and
universities have become play pens of the left.  And getting rid of the
mandate is to eventually dismantle Obamacare.”

I would like to know when we stopped being “one nation indivisible” and
when it became okay for one party to collectively punish the constituency that
didn’t vote for it.  Under the 1949 Geneva Convention, collective punishment
of an enemy is a war crime.  How is the GOP’s collective punishment of
democratic constituencies not a war crime against the American people?

In his Second Inaugural Address, an earlier Republican president spoke
of “binding up the nation’s wounds,” “with malice toward none, with charity
for all.”  Our current president instead appears dedicated to tearing our
wounded country apart.

GOP, the season of traditional “good will” and generosity toward others
is upon us.  Look into your hearts. Is this cruel new America the country
you want and claim to love?

Thomas R. Smith, a former UWRF student and poet with seven published books


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