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September 22, 2023


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19 Sep 2019

Support for climate strike

Fifty years ago youth spoke out in one voice for peace against the Vietnam War at the Woodstock music festival in upstate New York. Some credit their massive outcry with increasing pressure to end America’s involvement in that destructive conflict.

23 Mar 2018

Referendum on the office of State Treasurer is approaching in April

I’m writing to alert readers to a state-wide referendum item on the ballot when we go to the polls on April 3. This referendum has gotten too little coverage in state media. It’s urgent that voters understand what’s at stake.

15 Dec 2017

Tax reform bill is at the expense of most Americans

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the GOP tax “reform” bill in its House and Senate versions is basically a massive give-away to the richest Americans at the expense of everyone else.

01 Dec 2017

Revised air quality regulations are for profit, not the health of the public

As if the Trump administration’s attacks on public health and the environment weren’t enough, Wisconsin Public Radio reported on Nov. 21 that the Wisconsin State Assembly is considering a bill to eliminate all of our state’s air quality regulations by the end of next year.

20 Oct 2017

Pruitt helps continue trend of anti-environmental Trump administration

On October 11, the PBS program Frontline aired “War on the EPA,” an alarming documentary focusing on Trump appointee Scott Pruitt’s ties to the big oil and coal industries and how he has acted to further their interests as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

29 Sep 2017

Hurricane impact causes deeper look at climate change

With deadly hurricanes slamming Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, tragic earthquakes in Mexico and hundreds of western wildfires now lowering air quality in our own region, it’s hard to know what more can be said to convince skeptics that the earth really is in violent revolt against human abuse of the environment.

18 Apr 2017

Earth Day a chance to show representatives we still care about the planet

As Wisconsinites, we can count the founding of Earth Day in 1970 by Sen. Gaylord Nelson as one of the finest gifts our state has given to the nation.

28 Feb 2017

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine worth saving

For only the second time in its history, the Birkebeiner, our nation's largest cross-country ski race, was canceled due to lack of snow. Considering the fact that 2016 was the warmest year on record, we shouldn't be surprised.

31 Jan 2017

The time to stand up for the environment is now

PBS recently aired a moving documentary on Rachel Carson, who almost single-handedly launched the modern environmental movement with the publication of her book "Silent Spring" in 1962.

31 Oct 2014

River Falls resident surveys political party power and public opinion, supports Mary Burke for new governor

Over the past four years Wisconsin has earned the dubious distinction of being one of the most politically polarized states in the nation.