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01 May 2008

Demand for troops’ homecoming lasts

  War is much more than just slogans. This is why at the event Rally in the River Valley, which I was involved in organizing, we had veterans and activists speak about the issues and their personal experiences. Those in attendance also read the names of the American soldiers from Wisconsin that have been killed […]

25 Apr 2008

Democrats destroy election advantages

I felt it was unfortunate that there was not more coverage in the paper of the Rally in the River Valley in the week following the event. However, I was glad to see that Teresa Aviles chose to discuss it in last week’s issue.

28 Feb 2008

Student explains political party

The recent Student Voice article on the “President’s Day Great Debate” unfortunately did not do an accurate job representing the points embodied by Socialist Alternative.   As one of the members who debates from this organization, I felt the need to clarify the position of Socialist Alternative, especially on the issue of education.   Charter […]

20 Oct 2006

Socialist beliefs misunderstood

In response to the letter, “Campus has no need for socialists,” it seems necessary to clear up misconceptions about what our student organization, Socialist Alternative, actually represents.