Student Voice


June 29, 2022



11 Oct 2012

Romney wrongly portrayed

I am writing this letter in response to an opinion piece titled “Mitt Romney Unappealing to Voters” by Morgan Stippel, that was published in the Oct. 5 issue of the Student Voice. As I read through the article, several things stood out to me.

04 May 2012

Political Science Department criticized for failure to retain professor John Evans

I am writing this letter today to say thank you to political science professor John Evans. For the past two years, Evans has been a valuable member of UW-River Falls. His passion for teaching and his unwavering commitment to his students is incredible. Evans always did a great job of providing a fair and balanced classroom environment. It is because of Evans that I am now a political science minor.

11 Nov 2011

Halverson asked to apologize

With regards to Student Senate President Tyler Halverson, I find it odd how he didn’t even apologize to Wes OBrien. The way I see it, it means that Halverson doesn’t care that he called a fellow student and constituent a vulgar term. Does this mean that Halverson has no sense of decency?