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November 28, 2022



Nathan Lukasavitz

31 Jan 2018

Spanish Club welcomes majors, minors and those interested in culture

Taking advantage of an option offered by the UW-River Falls modern language department, transfer student Ernesto De La Torre hoped to get involved in the Spanish program only for the sake of quickly gaining some additional course credits on his college transcript. However, after a short amount of time spent with the Spanish club last semester, he realized his foreign language skills were good for much more than just the automatic A’s allotted after placement testing.

13 Dec 2017

Planning for emergency: firefighters do orientation walk-through of Chalmer Davee Library

UW-River Falls Pre-major Adviser Molly Foley found herself advising not students but firefighters Monday as the River Falls Fire Department performed a pre-planning walk-through of the Chalmer Davee Library.

29 Nov 2017

UWRF ready to say goodbye to D2L and hello to Canvas within three semesters

In addition to learning the names of students, getting to know other professors, and becoming familiar with the campus, getting acquainted with the Desire2Learn online classroom is one of the tougher challenges that new professors face when they begin teaching at UWRF, according to one of them.

15 Nov 2017

UWRF working to recruit, reassure inner-city high schoolers of color

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Lining the school cafeteria with brochures and paraphernalia, college recruiters and representatives eagerly plied students last week with information related to their institutions at the St. Paul Central High School college fair.

08 Nov 2017

Pranksters take bike parts and locks, but owners and police aren’t laughing

Upon completing a shift at her on-campus job, UW-River Falls senior Sarah Knack returned to the North Hall bike rack, where she was surprised by what she saw and even more surprised by what she did not see.

01 Nov 2017

A treat for some, a trick to others, parking regs resume Halloween night

River Falls business owner Craig Rogaczewski is enjoying the additional parking options that became available to his customers and staff back in May, after finding it necessary to relocate his company store from Walnut Street to Pine Street due to a lack of places for vehicles to park.

24 Oct 2017

DoTS recommends a learning service that takes users back to the future

Sometimes, the best way to learn a new piece of software is to revert to an older version, according to several UWRF technologists who use for such forays.

18 Oct 2017

Forget marathons; Special Olympian has his sights set on a 200-mile race

For Special Olympics athlete Isaiah Kasay, who is ultimately aspiring to one day compete in a 200-mile race that winds from Winona to Minneapolis, 5K runs are nothing but training and practice.

11 Oct 2017

UWRF crime stats reveal a sobering trend and a new lease on life

Getting caught drinking underage is not always as devastating as the consequences suggest, and in the case of Michelle Denney, who is currently a junior at UW-River Falls, it was an experience that led to a college career of rewarding academic success.

04 Oct 2017

Hot flash: Everyone wants to be a firefighter at River Falls open house

For many children in River Falls, the 2017 Fire Department Open House on Sept. 25 had just as much to do with exploring a career path as it did learning about fire safety and prevention.

Nathan Lukasavitz