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Reagan Responds

Dealing with heartbreak and graduating teammates


April 18, 2019

What is the best way to get over a hard breakup?

Getting over a hard breakup completely depends on the person who is dealing with the breakup. The best way to get over a tough breakup is to do something that you love. For many people in may be taking up a new hobby, spending more time outside, or spending more time with friends that may have been lost during the time of the relationship. Overall, the key is doing something that will make you happy. For some people it may be hunting, it may be watching movies, playing sports, etc. there is an endless amount of possibilities that will help somebody that is struggling with a tough breakup. Another way to get over a tough breakup is to do something to improve yourself. This is one of the most common times for people to start working out. I think that it’s a good way to deal with a tough breakup because there are very few ways to feel better about yourself than by improving your own health. Essentially, there is a wide array of ways to get over a tough breakup, the hard part is finding one that works for you.

Which graduating senior will their respective sports team miss the most?

There are a lot of valuable seniors that are graduating and will not be returning for the 2019 season. Among them are Taylor Paulsrud, Trenton Monson, Janari Glover, Austin Heidecker, and Clay Seifert. Each one of these athletes had a significant impact in the sport that they played while here at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. In my opinion the graduating senior that will be missed the most will be Austin Heidecker, a former starting forward for the men’s basketball team. Over the course of his senior season with the Falcons, Heidecker averaged 12.8 points per game, 10 rebounds, all while shooting over 50 percent from the floor. Heidecker was one of the main reasons for the Falcons having a chance to make the WIAC playoffs late in the season. Although they fell short, Heidecker put them in position to make a postseason run. Without him there is going to be a significant hole in the starting lineup that the coaching staff will have to address. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ross Ingersoll make an appearance in the starting lineup to start his junior year at UWRF. Without Heidecker on the roster the Falcons lose a lot of the dominant post and interior play that they relied on so heavily for the majority of the season. Austin Heidecker is the graduating senior that will be missed the most at UWRF.

Reagan Hoverman is a student at UW-River Falls.