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New UW-River Falls communications and marketing director brings new perspectives

October 1, 2018

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is welcoming a new Director for University Communications and Marketing, Dina Fassino. Fassino is new to the UWRF campus having just started a few weeks ago. Fassino has her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from St. Cloud State University. Fassino believes she has many strengths and new perspectives to bring to this campus as well as having many high hopes for her future here at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Fassino talked much about her past experiences in different fields, from broadcast news journalism to health care. She is now making another career change into higher education. Before this career change, Fassino has accomplished much within her career. After leaving the broadcast news aspect of her career, she began working with HealthEast and used her skills to help open a new hospital in 2000. Fassino took on the role of director of communications for that new hospital and grew her skills and continued to grow through her career. Fassino has heard much about UW-River Falls and is eager to engage in a new career path. Fassino says she is “very impressed with her experience at UWRF thus far”.

Here at the University, Fassino’s role as Communications and Marketing Director, is to “enhance the visibility of the organization.” This means Fassino helps to broaden the perception of the school among parents and students as well as the community, surrounding businesses, and organizations. Fassino works with a team to showcase the strengths of River Falls and how the University is, in her words, “growing and developing students and working to further student’s future education.” A rather large part of her job is to maintain the importance of the UWRF brand and communicate that brand with the goals of the University among many people and organizations.

Dina Fassino’s hopes for her upcoming year is to get a feel for UW-River Falls and the area as well as achieving an understanding of what this school is about. Fassino wants to really take what River Falls is good at and what the university is known for by bringing it to the next level. Fassino said, “I really hope to continue to elevate what we have here in River Falls”. By doing this Fassino also hopes to show the various opportunities at UWRF to new and future students. As a result, this will continue to create a name and a positive reputation for the school by showcasing what there really is to offer.

Advice that Fassino wishes to give students going into any field is to maintain flexibility and adaptability, which can enable the use of skills across broad border. She says that the ability “to mold and adapt your strengths and experiences across many career paths and interests” is a very important skill for students to carry with them throughout their careers. Fassino talked about the importance of these skills because they will help tremendously when running into troubles throughout your career. She says, “not everything is always going to work out exactly the way you want it to”, which is important to remember throughout future careers and will continue to encourage many to try harder to adapt to certain situations.

Something invaluable that Fassino has learned throughout her career is to continue to grow with kindness. This is something many people can learn from her and hopefully something others can start to integrate into their careers and their daily lives. As Dina Fassino starts her new path here at UW-River Falls, she wants to become a resource for many on campus. Fassino also plans to use her skills to help create an even better environment for everyone in the community here on campus.