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UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services to host annual WellCheck event

September 28, 2016

Wellness is wellness, right? Wrong. Wellness is made up of many different facets. From financial and academic wellness to nutritional and physical wellness, all areas are important to consider as representative of UW-River Falls. Whether you are busy with coursework, attending endless extracurricular meetings or on the hunt for new experiences, wellness follows you all throughout your life and it is never too late to learn more about how to be well.

At UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services, we are dedicated to encouraging students to achieve overall wellness in many different forms, including hosting events on campus. One such event is the annual WellCheck event. WellCheck this year will take place from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4 in the Falcon’s Nest and boasts the goal to provide students, faculty, and staff with information and resources on how to “eat well, move well, think well, sleep well, feel well and be well.”

Using the multiple facets of wellness as the event outlines, UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services looks forward to presenting an exciting list of vendors including River Falls Chiropractic, UWRF Health and Human Performance and Chartwells. Each vendor offers an exciting insight into the many facets of wellness and offers interesting tips and resources. For instance, First National Bank of River Falls, this year’s WellCheck sponsor, represents the financial aspect of wellness that many of us often overlook but is nonetheless an essential component of overall wellness. New to this year’s WellCheck is the addition of a pet therapy dog that will be available all throughout the event.

Jennifer Elsesser, a personal counselor at UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services, is coordinating WellCheck this year and is very excited about the focus of this event and its center on wellness.

“My favorite part of WellCheck is giving students the opportunity to see all of the different services that are offered on campus and in the community that keep students healthy and successful,” said Elsesser when asked about her opinion on the event and its ability to give students, faculty and staff insight into the resources that are already in place around them.

“One of the most common things I hear as students are leaving is, ‘I never knew all of this existed.’” said Elsesser.

One such resource is UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services. At WellCheck UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services will be offering a myriad of useful resources, tools and tips for being well. Goodies such as cold/flu kits, sleep kits and kits that are designed to help individuals quit using tobacco will be free to attendees. Representatives from UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services will also be conducting body composition testing, which measures body mass index, basal metabolic rate and fat percentage. Additionally, there will be representatives answering questions about the UWRF Tobacco-Free Campus initiative and the Step Up, It’s On Us campaign. Both of these initiatives have an important role in the wellness of UWRF as a whole and all those who are involved on campus.

This year’s WellCheck event hosted by UWRF Student Health and Counseling Services promises to be an experience that highlights the importance of being well and explores the multifaceted world of wellness. From vendors focusing on all areas of wellness to free snacks and goodies to help you on your journey to being well, there is something for every student, faculty member and staff member at WellCheck.