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UWRF student directs at Twin Cities theater

October 24, 2014

Only A Dim Image Dessert Theater continues its second season at the Southern Theater with a revival of the classic romantic comedy, “The Philadelphia Story.”

Directed and produced by Calyssa Hall, this witty and elegant tale of remarriage will be performed November 13-22. Tickets will be available for $23, $18 for Students, and will be available at www.southerntheater.org or www.dimimage.com.

Calyssa Hall is a UW-River Falls student. In 2012, Hall was the first UWRF student to receive the Wanda Brown and Phyllis Goldin Music Major Scholarship. The scholarship awards $1,000 to one incoming freshman music major, which will be renewed every year until she graduates.

Tracy Lord, the beautiful, haughty socialite, and former wife of Dexter Haven, is on the brink of re-marrying. When Dexter and a handsome tabloid reporter enter the scene, combined with a bit too much champagne, Tracy suddenly finds her cold, unforgiving exterior crumbling beneath the words and wits of the three men after her confused heart. The classic Phillip Barry play was the basis for the 1940 American romantic comedy film of the same name and made a star of Katharine Hepburn.

Only A Dim Image Dessert Theater is an exciting new theater company with high artistic standards. Fresh off their revival of George and Ira Gershwin’s “Lady Be Good” at the Music Box Theater, Dim Image is ready to continue their second season of theater in the Twin Cities. Only A Dim Image Dessert Theater is created on the principle of 1 Corinthians 13:12, that what we see now is only a “dim image” of things to come.

The brokenness, pain, joy and love, with the understanding that even the most beautiful thing that can be created on stage is but a “dim image” of the beauty to come. Every ticket includes an exquisite dessert served at intermission. For more information, visit www.dimimage.com.