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Guest speakers on campus deserve attendance, attention


October 24, 2013

UW-River Falls hosts a variety of speakers on campus due through both the hard work of academic departments and student organizations.

These speakers provide opportunities for students to learn about topics they do not know about, expand knowledge on subjects they are interested in, provide a chance for students to get out of their everyday routine and do something fun with fellow students. Many times getting these speakers to come to campus takes a lot of time, preparation and cost a lot of money.

However, attendance at these events have often been lacking on campus. Not only for all the work put in to get the speakers to come, but also for the speaker to take time to come and speak to a sparse audience is not fair. While these speakers are often tied to a certain theme or major, they can benefit everyone and are almost always open to anyone, regardless of major. Students should not only go to a speaker because it is mandatory to be there for a class. Having an open mind and attending something you do not know much may might spark an interest you did not know you had.

While some people may argue they do not hear about these events, a student would have to actually try in order to not know about them. Professors often mention them in classes, posters are up, emails are sent out, and the big screens in the University Center (UC) often show for a week or two ahead of time when an event is happening.

One of the big speaker series on campus is the Wyman Series. They have a total of five events this year with speakers or performers that are free and open to everyone. The series still has four events left this year and publicize them all over campus. The Wyman Series often has something to offer for everybody. This year the theme is to challenge students to enhance their overall well-being.

The Wyman Series is a great opportunity to improve your lifestyle and meet other students from a variety of majors. Well-being is something that any student could benefit from. The push is for students to improve on career, social, financial, physical and community aspects of life.

We encourage every student to try out one speaker that is not mandatory to go to for a class this year. Filling up audiences will make it worth the effort that the academic departments and student organizations continue to put in and will leave a good impression on the speakers.

It could also help expand students knowledge about certain subjects. College is the one time in life where so many of these opportunities are available on a regular basis, so why not take advantage of them?