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Falcon Foods offers online ordering for meat, cheese, holiday gift boxes

October 17, 2013

Falcon Foods is the brand of cheese, ice cream and meat produced by students at UW-River Falls. Just in time for the holiday season, Falcon Foods is offering online ordering for its single cheese blocks, and cheese and meat gift boxes. Customers can choose to ship to an address or pick up at the Falcon Foods store on campus.

Holiday cheese box combinations include pre-selected blocks of cheese, UWRF custom mints, and some include Falcon Foods summer sausage. A customizable holiday box is also available. Flavors range from traditional favorites such as Cheddar and Colby to unique combinations including Holy Cow Hot Jack, Apple Cinnamon Colby and Cocoa-Infused White Cheddar. Boxes are festively decorated for the holidays.

Cheese and ice cream are produced using milk from the University laboratory farm, and summer sausage is produced in the Meat Processing Plant from livestock raised on the university farm and local area farms.

The goal of the UWRF Dairy Processing Plant is to provide students with valuable, hands-on learning experiences that will be directly applicable to their future careers. Since commercial production began in 1984, students have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of production, sanitation, and quality control. Students work in the plant under the direction of Michelle Farner, dairy pilot plant manager and licensed

Falcon Foods was featured on Twin Cities Live at 3 p.m., on Wednesday, Oct. 16, on KSTP Channel 5. Falcon Foods student workers were be interviewed and the hosts will taste-test Falcon Foods ice cream and cheese.

Visit www.uwrf.edu/FalconFoods for product and shipping information. For questions, contact Farner at falconfoods@uwrf.edu or 715-425-3702.