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Letter to the editor

Bestiality not akin to homosexuality

April 24, 2009

Carpentier’s comments (4/17/09) about the LGBT community are disturbing. As a homosexual man, I can readily say that being gay is not a choice. To say that gay marriage will encourage homosexual activity is only true in the sense that it promotes an environment of tolerance and acceptance.

What is not tolerant is Carpentier’s comparison of homosexuality to bestiality. Bestiality does not involve two competently willing parties. If animals were sentient, this would be an entirely different issue, but seeing as they are not, one can only assume that animals are not willing. This is in stark contrast to the relationships within homosexual couples, wherein both parties consent.

Miss Carpentier has every right to believe as she does, but imposing her beliefs upon others is repugnant to the notion of American Freedom.

Lee Monson, student