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Letter to the editor

Pope’s words were not his own

September 29, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI used the words of a 14th century emperor who claimed that Muhammad sought to spread faith by the sword. The pope was speaking to a German university about faith and reason and didn’t endorse the concept, but rather attempted to create a dialogue.

Judging by your intellectually devoid article, you didn’t read the pope’s full remarks but instead choose to read a snippet from Yahoo! news.

So some members of the religion of peace go bomb Christian churches and in one instance may have killed an Italian nun in Somalia. The West has seen reactions like this before from Islamists and I wonder if it is possible to question their religion and not be called an infidel.

The pope speaks for his flock, his church, and he does not have to tailor his argument to satisfy the political and cultural correctness of others.

Until Islam eliminates the reign of terror that extremists cause and until Islam speaks out against the men who use the religion to serve their own purposes, it will not be the religion of peace.

It is revisionist history to act as if all of Arab Street didn’t rejoice with the attacks on the United States on Sept. 11. From Beirut to Baghdad it was women and children and men who celebrated the death of Americans. You may have your own opinion, but you cannot have your own facts.

I also take issue with, “So why does he have to go pissing everyone off?”

Ms. De Neui writes for the Student Voice not The Nation, and her argument could make better use of the English language. To expect your argument to be treated like an adult you perhaps should use grown up words and grown up logic.

Nicholas Carow