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New Peanuts movie holds onto traditional story line with new animation

November 18, 2015

The child characters from the comic strips of Charles M. Schulz have returned to the big screen in The Peanuts Movie, which brings the old characters back but changes nothing about them; and that’s good.

Wisconsin band Porcupine impresses with fourth release

November 13, 2015

As the year winds down, so does the amount and quality of musical releases. Music promoters start to slowly shift their focus on giant box sets with the hope of attracting Christmas shoppers while many musicians shift their musical direction to subpar holiday records. Every once in a while, a record comes out during this time that provides just enough hope to get through the temporary musical darkness. On their fourth release, Carrier Wave, La Crosse, Wisconsin rockers, Porcupine, create an EP of fuzzy bass lines, angsty guitars, and punchy drums.

Reveling in silence can be refreshing after midterms

November 12, 2015

Agitated, I pressed the gas pedal of my borrowed car closer to the floor, my bright headlights illuminating shadowy trees as I sped past them. My shiny black car disappeared in the darkness as it wound up the road that signified I was almost home. The unpainted and graying blacktopped roads near my house were totally deserted, as per the usual, as I drove right down the middle. I had two hands wrapped around the slick, leather steering wheel and two watchful eyes, itchy from dry contacts, scouting for deer as I silently urged the car to move faster.

‘Last Days of Coney Island’ short film a great success

November 5, 2015

A film that you may not hear much of, though you should definitely hear a lot of its creator, Last Days of Coney Island is a return to form for director Ralph Bakshi, a once large animator of adult subjects who reflects in this new work on the world he lost when he was growing up.

Office chair provides fun, convenience, comfort

October 29, 2015

The UW-River Falls campus classrooms are sprinkled with a wide assortment of differing sorts of chairs.

Craig Finn puts on incredible show in Minneapolis

October 29, 2015

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure to attend one of the two homecoming shows for Craig Finn, the front man for the famed rock band The Hold Steady. Finn is on a solo tour supporting his second solo album, Faith In The Future. The first stop of his weekend stay was at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, located in the Loring Park neighborhood, which is known for its upscale living and devotion to the arts.

‘Fargo’ TV series storyline makes spinoff worth the watch

October 23, 2015

As the winter season rolls in, so rolls in a new season of the critically acclaimed TV series “Fargo,” which enters a different era of crime in the Midwest but still retains the look and feel of the season and film before it.

Meyers-Briggs test gives interesting but potentially insufficient insight into personality

October 15, 2015

Kindergarten exhausted me. Being with 24 to 30 five-and six-year-olds would drain my energy. I’d drag my feet getting off the high steps of the bus and come home drooping like a wilting flower, needing a nap and a lot of peace and quiet. My mom would let me go to my room uninterrupted while she enticed my twin brother away from me with an engaging and usually loud activity. He always returned home from kindergarten bursting with energy, bounding off the bus steps, eyes bright, never sitting still for a moment.

The Decemberists churn out a new, excellent EP in ‘Florasongs’

October 15, 2015

After a four-year break, 2015 saw the joyous return of indie folk band The Decemberists with their seventh album “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.” The album expanded on the minimalist approach of their previous record “The King Is Dead,” with more orchestration while still continuing the use of introspective lyrics and themes that would be fit for a Charles Dickens book.

‘The Iron Giant’ signature edition reminds us why we loved the original

October 8, 2015

It’s back again, once in theaters and now forever remastered and out to buy, and it still has that massive heart in a big iron guy that people have remembered and loved. “The Iron Giant” is back again in a signature edition and all its animated storytelling genius is still retained.

UWRF Society of Physics Students Chapter visits 3M

October 8, 2015

On Saturday, Oct. 3, several members of the UW–River Falls Society of Physics Students Chapter attended 3M’s Super Science Saturday.

Best of Netflix: Edition No. 1

October 1, 2015

Hey readers, this column will be dedicated to the best movies on Netflix. I’ll be doing this column about two or three times a month. My goal is to introduce movies that otherwise go unnoticed on Netflix. Each column, I’ll do four movies and one documentary. So, without further ado, let’s get to my movie recommendations.

Studying abroad provides interesting, awkward experiences

October 1, 2015

Hello, my name is Lauren, and I am perpetually awkward. I stammer, trip, and fumble my way through daily life. And for my fist column I had a plethora of experiences that I could, regrettably, draw from.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ disappoints, maintains strong animation

October 1, 2015

Dracula and his buds are back again in “Hotel Transylvania 2” to help Drac’s grandson realize the monster that he is, and with that comes another mixed bag of an animated film that has everything but the bite.

‘Black Mass’ provides dark themes and thrills

September 24, 2015

One of Boston’s darkest denizens comes to life thanks to excellent acting and great direction, though viewing a biographical film like “Black Mass” teaches a harsh reality of all films like it.