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Author archive: Abigail Erickson

November 1, 2017

Ask Abigail: How to buy affordable makeup that isn’t tested on animals

Dear Abigail,

I’ve recently been getting more interested in makeup but I keep running into a problem when I go to purchase new makeup. I only want to buy makeup from brands that don’t test on animals but I also can’t afford to spend $20 on one eyeliner. Do you know of any good cruelty-free makeup brands that fit a college budget? Why do brands test on animals anyway?

Sincerely, An Animal Lover

October 4, 2017

Dealing with head lice is a pain, but can be done

Dear Abigail, Some of my friends recently contracted lice, and I was wondering what the best methods were for treating them. How do you look for nits? What are some places in the area you can go to get supplies? Sincerely, The Friend Without Lice   Dear the Friend Without Lice, I am so sorry to hear about your friends contracting lice! While it is a very unfortunate thing that can happen, it is also very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s just one of the things that happens when you hang out in people’s dorm rooms! When it comes to treating head lice, one product isn’t necessarily better than another. Your friends just need to be very thorough with the entire process. The first thing they should do is to go the store and get some kind of topical product that will work to kill the lice.  Walgreens on Main Street has a variety of lice treatment products in stock right now. It’s best to have an extra set of hands to help apply the product and be sure to follow the directions of whatever product they purchased as best as you can. When it comes to nits, which […]

September 20, 2017

Ask Abigail Welcome Letter

The Student Voice is introducing its new advice columnist for the fall semester: Abigail Erickson. Abigail will be accepting question submissions from readers seeking advice on issues in their day-to-day lives. Submissions can be sent to her via email at abigail.erickson@my.uwrf.edu.